Learn to Swim in 4 Days!

Is learning to swim in just 4 days too good to be true? Absolutely not! Since 1972 more than 35,000 adult swim students have trusted in the Bolle Method and finally overcome their fear of swimming. We are so sure that we will achieve your goal, that we guarantee your swim success! Our students come from all 50 States and dozens of countries around the globe, yet the results are predictably the same. Our students learn to swim in just 4 days and you will too!

The Bolle Method

Overcoming Failure

Most of our students have tried to learn in the past, but have failed through no fault of their own. Failure can be caused by many reasons and is usually caused by the school, instructor or substandard methods. Unsatisfactory water conditions prevent students from relaxing and succeeding. A lack of privacy often causes failure as students get distracted and feel embarrassed. Extended time frames with long gaps between lessons slows your muscle memory development, which is critical. We couldn't offer our SUCCESS GUARANTEE if we spread our lessons over a 4 month period. This delays  water familiarity improvements and allows your fear to resurface.

Eliminate Fear of Water

Eliminating fear is our first objective. Fear is one of the most basic human emotions and it has a purpose. The purpose of fear is to motivate action, typically causing a fight-or-flight response. Fear is perfectly appropriate and helps protect our lives. Accept your fear, but don't allow fear to stop you from learning to swim. We will eliminate your fear first by improving your water familiarity. We will guide you with experience, patience and compassion every step of the way. As you gain water familiarity, your fear is gradually replaced with growing self-confidence, based on your newly acquired improving abilities. Water familiarization is the end of fear and the beginning of your success!

Privacy and Focus

Keeping spectators out eliminates distractions and embarrassments, allowing for dedicated focus on learning to swim. Rather than teaching at a public pool or hotel pool, our lessons are always taught in our own private swim retreat. We know that non-swimmer adults need to focus on their lessons in a way that makes them feel safe and that is exactly what we provide. Doing it any other way just doesn't make sense!

Ideal Water Conditions

The pool water itself is an important factor in being focused on your goal of learning to swim. We know that cold water is an impediment to learning so we keep our pool at 90°F or 32°C. We also don't use harsh pool chemicals, like Chlorine. Instead we use a special Ozone Disinfection system and Ultraviolet (UV) Pool Sanitizer. Keeping our students comfortable is an important part of creating the proper learning conditions for success. Can you imagine doing this if you were shivering with burning eyes? That would not be ideal learning conditions!

Learn to Trust Buoyancy

Buoyancy is the ability or tendency to float in water. Archimedes’ principle is the physical law of buoyancy and it states that the buoyant force on an object submerged in a fluid is equal to the weight of the fluid that is displaced by that object. Very simply, buoyancy is nature's force that causes your body to float. Buoyancy is your friend and we will help you learn to trust in it!

Avoid Exhaustion

The Bolle Method was created specifically to avoid exhausting our students. We create balance between a condensed time frame for learning, while keeping students fresh for learning. Our water exercises last only 30 seconds on average and are followed by 2 to 3 minutes of Instructor's Explanations and Example Exercises. This gives you ample time to recover and makes exhaustion impossible!

Condensed Time Frame

Teaching our students in a condensed time frame is an important part of the Bolle Method that allows us to offer our SUCCESS GUARANTEE. Most of our students have failed at previous attempts to learn to swim and taking lessons over a 4 month period is a part of that problem. We condense our lessons into a 4 day period where we eliminate fear first and then teach the skills needed to ensure your success. There is not enough time between daily lessons for fear to resurface and for coordination, survival skills and swim strokes to be forgotten from one lesson to the next!

Proper Learning Environment

Learning in your hometown may seem convenient, but the typical distractions of daily life actually obstruct the learning process. Long time frames with gaps between lessons are part of the problem. The solution is a condensed time frame, with privacy and the proper conditions, allowing you to focus on just one thing... finally learning to swim! The answer to your problem is to leave your comfort zone and come to a swim retreat where you focus 4 days on you. Leave behind the failures of the past and come to Arizona where you will achieve your goal once and for all. We are so sure that we will achieve your goal that we offer a SUCCESS GUARANTEE. Let's do this!

Let's Find the Class Type That's Right For You!

Based on your current level of experience, choose the adult swim class that best fits you.

Non-Swimmer Class: Level 1

If you can't swim at all and are fearful and/or challenged, this is the class for you! If you have taken classes and before and failed, this class is guaranteed to bring you success!

Deep Water Class: Level 2

If you have some swimming ability, but feel you are unsafe and have a fear of deep water, this is the class for you!